When To Say No To Blogger Collaborations?


We’re sure you are aware that an increasing number of companies are starting to understand how effective and influential the blogging industry has become. Therefore the amount of opportunities that will arrive in your inbox from numerous brands probably has also significantly increased! You may be inundated with emails asking you to review a service or promote a product from brands that don’t exactly fit your readership or your niche.


If a brand has offered you a job that doesn’t quite fit your style it is understandably hard to decline however it is probably one of the best things you can do. The more you see yourself as a ‘brand’ and ‘pick’ the work you accept the more your readership will respect you and remain loyal. To help you when either accepting or declining a job we have put together a four point filter…

The Benefits 

Whether you are a full time blogger or you’re simply starting out and not sure where to begin, the number one rule is if you are working with a brand you must be rewarded with an agreed benefit. This could be anything from just wanting content for your blog/social media, receiving product gifting or even payment.

Either way you need to make sure your benefiting from your partnership as well as the brand.

Does The Brand Fit My Niche?

Would you genuinely use this brand? Would your readership like to know about the brand? These are the two main questions you should ask yourself when considering a collaboration. For instance if your blog style is all about fashion & beauty and you start to write about extreme sports your followers are going to be a little confused! We know sometimes it’s flattering and you are grateful for being offered an exciting collaboration, but remember to consider the bigger picture and keep to what your readership what to hear about. Because at the end of it all you wouldn’t be offered jobs at all if it wasn’t for your lovely loyal followers!


No Time Wasted

Like we said above, if you are being compensated for your hard work you need to make sure its worth your precious time! Compare the time spent on your blog to any other job, if you are receiving what you are giving out then it’s probably worth your time. However if you are spending 8 hours on something that will not benefit you or your readers in anyway, then what’s the point?

Creative Freedom

Sometimes a brand knows exactly what they want and how they want you to say it without actually giving you the freedom to create content in your own way. If a brand is quite demanding with their requirements do not be afraid to explain that you would like to add your own creativity and sparkle to the content. After all it was this that got you your loyal followers in the first place.

We hope these tips will help you when considering if to take up an opportunity. If you have anymore we would love to hear them in the comments below!


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