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Top 3 Tips For Blogging On A Budget


Are you wanting to start blogging but struggling with the cost of everything? The thought of posting the same outfit twice making you hot. Not having high quality images giving you chills! Well, look no further, here at The Blogger Programme we have three top tips that will help you to blog on a budget.

ccbe77dcc446c2457c8c583c92e90770Photo from Sophie Milner @sophiemilner_fs

Everyone knows to be a blogger you need to take photos, whether that’s outfit photos, food shots, cute beauty flat lays, the list goes on. Although you may think you need a top of the range camera with incredible depth of field and an amazing expensive photographer to go with it. You don’t! All you need to get that amazing shot is your phone and a friend. Whether it’s your mum, your boyfriend, your aunty or just a stranger walking by use everyone around you to grab those outfit shots. Even put your camera/phone on self timer and take those photos yourself – independence!! Be bossy – tell them exactly what you want and direct them, the more they do it the better they will get and voila your own personal photographer for free!

e64e4acc9e48b80bd6d50d9aedbcb850Photo from Johanna Olsson @johannaeolsson


When it comes to the camera, most bloggers on Instagram actually their phone, they find it more authentic and relatable to people like yourself. If you would rather get yourself a camera, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one – look on sites like Ebay, Depop or even borrow one from a friend! There are so many options that don’t cost a penny!

c3c24538df6260cdd4738be11c8b3ed0Photo from Alicia Roddy @lissyroddy

Outfit photos! The crucial point of every fashion bloggers Instagram. It is so easy to get stuck in the trap of “I need a new outfit for every photo.” Be creative! Change up the items and wear them with different pieces to create a completely new look. For example check prints are everywhere right now. So on trend! Got yourself a check blazer? Wear it with jeans, a skirt, matching trousers, dress it up or down, add accessories! You know what we’re getting at…. Another tip, if you’re into mirror selfies be cheeky – use the insane changing room lightings, create some amazing new outfits in store and snap them there!

4c3ec042da5eb3b46a984ff9d1e7472fPhoto from Josiefine @josefinehj

You know those amazing travel bloggers that jet off to Bali and Thailand capturing incredible beach shots or the city style girls creating insane shots in New York or Milan! So aspiring! But there are amazing backdrops everywhere it’s just about being creative and opening your mind to new things. It’s all about exploring, grab your best friend and head in to your nearest city or town and just get lost – we guarantee you will find beautiful shots, and that’s completely free.

94e3e46e3b24317963fd83972287caa9Photo from Kate Rooney @theglowedit

Let’s face it, going to infamous restaurants such as Bob Bob Ricard and Sketch can get a little bit pricey, but why not utilise these places to fit in to your budget! Pop in for a hot chocolate or one cocktail and get a ton of photos while you’re there! To your surprise many bloggers actually change outfits while in one place for an hour, making it look like they’ve been there loads of times! Blogging is a world of secrets, it’s just about finding them out!

28154499_1025836514240593_625730856186544128_nPhoto from @mathildaannao

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