The Secret To Taking Incredible Photos When Solo


How many times have you been scrolling through a gorgeous Instagram feed and sat there wondering how they’ve taken all those stunning shots themselves?

In fact you’ve probably assumed that they have a personal photographer and you’ll never be able to achieve photos like that without your own.

Well we’re here to tell you that’s not true! In fact a lot of bloggers have a few sneaky tricks up their sleeves to help take Insta-worthy shots all by themselves.

We’ve summed up the simple and most effective ways of taking amazing blog photos solo!


#1 Self Timer

Self timers have been around for quite a while but with technology developing by the day almost every photo taking device now has a self timer.

So all you really need is a flat surface to rest your camera or phone on and you’re good to go!

#2 Bluetooth Clicker/Remote

This is similar to a self timer except you have much more control over when the photo is taken so less pressure.

The only drawback is ensuring that the clicker isn’t visible in your photos but nowadays you can get discrete clickers that fit in the palm of your hands so this shouldn’t be much of an issue.


#3 Tripod

Now this goes hand in hand with the above two points. If you’re travelling in exotic countries or strolling across a beautiful beach it may be difficult for find a flat surface to balance your camera or phone.

So get yourself a small portable tripod and your problems will be solved!

#4 Video Screenshots

This is probably one of the least obnoxious methods of getting that perfect shot. Simply set your camera or video and record yourself in action. You can then go back, pause the video and screenshot your favourite moments.


#5 Fellow Bloggers, Photographers and Travellers

Asking strangers to take a photo of you can be slightly awkward at times – especially if they don’t capture the shot you wanted!

Keep a look out for people who are also carrying a camera round with them because chances are they’ll know exactly what they’re doing and will understand the struggle of trying to get that perfect Instagram.

So there you have it! Our top 5 tips on taking amazing photos all by yourself. If you have any other favourite methods you use to take your photos then share them with us in the comments below.


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