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TBP Spotlight – 5 Top Influencers With Pets


Some of the world’s most stylish bloggers happen to also be the proud owners of the world’s cutest pets, and they’re not shy about sharing their furry friends with the world of Instagram. So with it being National Pet Day today, we thought we would share with you some of our all time favourite influencers with pets (get ready for a cuteness overload!)

Kimberly Lapides @lolatheminiaussie

Lola and her gorgeous mum Kimberly live in Southern California and enjoy long walks on the beach (and lots of cuddles!) This blue eyed girl has melted the hearts of many instagrammers and has a whopping 11.2k followers – and we aren’t at all surprised, who could resist that face?

Lucy Watson @digbywatson


Digby Watson is a German Spitz Klein and has made several appearances on the hit reality show Made In Chelsea. Owner, Lucy Watson, loves to take Digby wherever she goes, whether that be brunch along the King’s Road or a long walk in Hyde Park – Digby doesn’t like to miss out and is always Instagram ready!

Christine Karma @duckytheyorkie


Ducky might just be THE cutest Yorkshire Terrier on our Instagram feeds right now! Ducky has perfected his poses just like his owner Christine, and loves to dress up for the camera, snuggle up in bed and promote the latest doggy foods he is eating on his page.

Lydia & Ali Millen-Gordon @lumiandlynxbengal


Lumi and Lynx are two of the most well known Bengal cats on Instagram! Lydia and Ali love to post pictures of their two stunning cats, and the majority of their YouTube videos feature both of their furry friends darting around their home and being taken for lovely walks in the woods.

Eva & Amelia @ameliathecav


Amelia the King Charles Cavalier is another instagram sensation and has gained an epic 10 thousand followers due to the cuteness overload of pictures on her page. Amelia loves dressing up, meeting with other doggy friends, going for coffee with his lovely own Eva and enjoying long walks around London. Who could resist that gorgeous face?

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