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TBP Spotlight – 5 Fitness Bloggers To Watch


When it comes to fitness bloggers, they’re here there and everywhere as everyone is jumping on the #fitspo bandwagon and putting in the hard work to get happy and healthy.

Here at TBP, we love to see new workouts, recipes and fit trends that fill up our newsfeed and encourage everyone to get involved. We don’t actually do them though, just watch whilst we eat Krispy Kremes in the office… Only joking! (or not), but we want to let you in on our top 5 fitness bloggers who show us that balance is the key to a happy, healthy #fitlifestyle! Because cake in one hand, green juice in the other is the perfect balance, right?!

1. @hannahrosefit

Hannah – a passionate health, fitness and lifestyle blogger from London is our ultimate inspo. Not only is she so flexible that it hurts just looking at her Instagram (which is the dream by the way – such a clean and fresh feed!) but she offers followers the motivation needed through cute quotes and encouragement.


2. @ajhfitness

This super sassy chick is another one of our faves. Anna’s pretty new to the blogging world yet her hilarious and honest sarcasm about the fitness industry in our eyes is so relatably refreshing. We can’t wait to see how she grows this year!


3. @_lovaine_

Emilie’s yogi, mermaid vibes make her one of the coolest chicks on Instagram. She keeps us up to date with the trendiest outfits and trainers to rock to the hottest places to workout – she’s the ultimate gym style guide. You can also work out with her at the Adidas studio (which also happens to be one of the coolest places to train. We sense a theme here…?)



A blonde bombshell ft yogi fanatic, Natalie makes us drool with her breakfast pictures and encourages us to get out and about to workout with her adventurous snaps. Definitely one to follow!


5. @hannahandfitness

Hannah’s beautiful blog and Instagram is full of recipes, ultimate motivation selfies (abs of steel) and workouts to do at home, or outside of the gym. We also love her gym outfits – stylish & sporty is a win with us!



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