Latitude Festival with Amy Valentine


Throwback to Summer 2015 with Amy Valentine and Festival Baby

This summer we arranged for ultra cool fashion and lifestyle blogger Amy Valentine  to attend Latitude Festival. Let’s face it, what’s summer without wandering around aimlessly, looking effortlessly stylish and listening to some of your favourite bands with friends? Exactly. So let’s see what Amy got up to…

1. Spending 20 minutes cooing over pink fluffy sheep


2. Sipping on a nice cold cider whilst watching Jose Gonzalez


3. Watching the wonderful James Blake as the sun sets


4. Acting like a big kid on the helter skelter


5. Ultimately, looking like a real festival babe.


“Aside from the music, there is so much else to do at Latitude, whether it’s having a laugh in the comedy tent, a nap in a woodland glade, joining in with a yoga group, or even a dip in the lake, there is a huge range of activities to get stuck in which was so awesome – love how they go the extra mile for entertainment rather than just music.”
– Amy Valentine

Get the full Latitude low down over on Amy’s blog.

Also, check out who helped arranged this collaboration. Their website is also a great way to keep up to date with all the up-coming festivals.

TBP Team x

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