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Five Ways To Work With Bloggers This Christmas


If you are looking to boost your sales with a little help from your favourite bloggers this season then this blog post will ho ho ho help you!

We’ve put together our top 5 tips on how to get the most out of working with bloggers this Christmas.

1. Build A Relationship

 The majority of bloggers’ PO Boxes will be looking extremely full with various brand samples this Christmas, just in the hope that the blogger may feature their product. Our recommendation is that before sending a product you contact the blogger first and establish a relationship to let them know about your brand and product. It’ll increase your chances of being featured on their social media.


2.  Make It Look Pretty

Remember if you want to send a blogger something, always make it look amazing with a pretty branded bag or packaging. Bloggers are much more likely to feature your brand if they find the product & packaging ‘Instagrammable.’

3. Personalisation

 We always recommend that a brand writes a blogger a personalised message when gifting. Make sure you do a bit of research into what the blogger likes and their most recent content. Include a paragraph about what you like about them and their blog individually whilst also explaining your brand, the product and why you think it will benefit them.


4. Find The Right Blogger

 While it’s tempting to just send your product out to the bigger bloggers because of their potential outreach it may actually be more beneficial for your brand to find the right blogger who blogs about products similar to your own, even if the blogger has a lower audience. At the end of the day their demographic may fit your target consumer a lot better than other bigger bloggers.

5. Be Patient

 If you have sent your product to a blogger and they do not post straight away don’t be pushy, a lot of bloggers get sent tons of product daily. If a blogger genuinely likes your product chances are they’ll post something in the near future. Remember it takes time and effort to create good quality content so don’t rush bloggers into creating content that isn’t genuine.


TBP Team x

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