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5 Things To Know When Paying Influencers [Infographic]


Influencers will collaborate with any brands that want to work with them – I mean, after all, they depend on these campaigns to be successful right? Wrong. Influencer marketing is growing and the bloggers, YouTubers and the socially aware are in the driving seat. Yes, they want to create meaningful partnerships with brands and agencies, but these collaborations need to be mutually beneficial. The content needs to feel authentic, the brand has to be relevant to their audience, and most importantly, influencers need to be paid for the hours and sometimes days they put into creating this content. There is always the odd exception, but any influencer worth working with will expect payment for their work. As one parent influencer said to us last week “unfortunately I can’t pay my mortgage in gifted chocolate”.

So, where to start?


If you are thinking of working with influencers and would like us to help you on your next influencer campaign, please get in touch by emailing us:

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